Updated draft summer schedule-please confirm

Hello Summer Families!
I have many people I have not heard from regarding our summer schedule. You will see the google doc is updated and hopefully clarified. Please let me know if you can or cannot make the proposed time(s). If you are on the fence or haven’t decided on your summer plans, please let me know that too.
You will see that many classes still have openings. I try to keep younger kids, 2nd and 3rd graders to 4 kids in a class. Older kids I can take up to 5. You will also see that I do multi-age classes. Please take a look at the schedule below and see what you think. You are encouraged to peruse the options to see if another time would work better. If you are happy with your spot, just confirm by email, and leave a deposit, if you haven’t already.
If I did not place your child, it was typically because you requested a time slot for a different age group, or I just didn’t have enough scheduling options from you. Some of you requested two sessions for your student, but I might have only been able to place them in one, given schedule restraints. Look around the schedule to see if anything else might fit.
I may have classes that don’t fill with a minimum of two students. If your time slot doesn’t fill or you can’t find a time slot that works, I will refund your deposit by May 1.
docs.google.com/document/d/1ItpTzL79M_VQdoP0LBFG16bdBEopeN2PWKKacySoXes/edit?usp=sharing Summer Schedule docs.google.com
For further information on my policies see What You Need To Know <www.writewithjanet.com/need-to-know>. To see earlier emails <www.writewithjanet.com/class-email-archives/> to registered students. <www.writewithjanet.com/need-to-know> <www.writewithjanet.com/need-to-know>