Here are some testimonials from previous students and parents in my summer writing workshops:

“My kids have been yelling at me for not signed them up for a class with you this summer.”

“Your writing program is the only after school program that my kids want to do.”

“It’s even more fun than school because it’s school with a dog!”

“We are sprouting into writing!”

“I never enjoyed writing until you taught me how-now I love it!”

(One day, giving my summer students a choice between listening to a published author or my own stories I write while the students are writing) I received this comment:  “Read us your own stories.  They are better than published books!”

You’ve helped my three boys so much and we would love to build on what they’ve learned this summer again next year.

I need to thank you for reawakening the excitement of learning for E. this week.  She has come home from your writing lessons, totally invigorated by the experience.  I haven’t seen that kind of enthusiasm from her in a long time – THANK YOU!

Both J. and I cannot express how thankful we are for this wonderful writing class. You have been a wonderful influence on our son. We had never imagined that P. will sit down and agree to write without actually having a tantrum. Since last week, we have seen him turn a corner. He now sits down to write for at least 20 minutes without fuss. He says that writing is not that bad and that ‘show not tell’ is a lot of fun…which is like music to our ears. We know that he still needs to be patient and write more, and I am at least hopeful that with practice he might get there. Thanks again, we really appreciate it.

Wow…I have NEVER heard my son say he had FUN writing until yesterday…What joy!

I wanted to thank you immensely for your time and effort spent in N.’s writing lessons.  I can’t express the level of excitement and engagement that he is showing after each lesson. He officially states that writing is actually fun and as he steps into the car after each lesson, he boasts how much he learned in the past hour and he even goes as far as claiming that he has learned more during these lessons than he ever did in his entire year in 6th grade. I never have to nudge him to do his writing assignments. I truly wish there were more teachers like you!! So thank you!

(After class one day…) “Mom, that was a life changing experience!”

I don’t believe anyone does “what you do”! I haven’t heard of anything else that actually inspires children to write while at the same time teaching them all the strategies you do, at the same time.

You are “The Kid Whisperer.”

Thank you Janet, for crafting a space where my son could shed his fears and embrace writing with newfound vigor. Your approach has indeed instilled in him a belief and courage that was missing before.