Summer Session is FULL

“Everyone is a good writer.  You just have to find it!”  -Milan 5th grade (in the middle of his first lesson)

Fall 2021

I will be teaching group and private lessons afternoons starting in early October with limited enrollment. Sign up for my email list to be notified when I will be accepting students for the fall, sometime in early September. I am not sure if I will be teaching during the winter (ski season!).  Stay tuned. Feel free to contact me.

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Above is Violet, and to the right is Polar Bear-a big guy now up to 75 furry pounds!
Program Overview
  • Does your child need extra support in writing?
  • Does your child love to write and want to continue writing under guidance?

Summer writing classes began thirteen years ago to help students who were not learning well from regular classroom instruction.  The classes are conducted in small groups of 4 so that students must participate in both discussions of techniques published authors use, as well as giving feedback to peers on writing done for class. Classes take place at my house, 203 Chester St. in Menlo Park (right off of 101 and Willow Rd.).  Private and semi-private lessons also available (they do fill quickly).

Quick Start to Sign Up for Summer Classes

Costs for summer classes:

  • 2-week group session (2 hours) M-F:  $750
  • 1-week group session (2 hours) M-F: $400
  • Private tutoring (75 minutes) M-F for 1 week: $650
  • Private tutoring (75 minutes) M-F for 2 weeks: $1,250
  • Semi-private tutoring (75 minutes) M-F for 1 week: $350 per student
  • Semi-private tutoring (75 minutes) M-F for 2 weeks: $700 per student

The following is a list of steps to register your child for writing workshops.

  • Read this overview
  • Sign up for my mailing list to receive updates future classes
  • Look at the summer schedule above and select a proposed session and times for private lessons or a group class. This does not guarantee your spot.
  • Make A Deposit To Hold Your Spot

You will be able to contact others in your group to arrange carpooling.


How I Create Small Groups


Most important to me, is creating small groups that work best for instruction, which means students with similar age levels and instructional needs be grouped together as much as possible.   When requesting a time and week, I will contact you if it is the best placement for your child this summer.  It is important that you indicate whether you student is a struggling, average or high-achieving writer, and if your child has an IEP or 504. I can then group students carefully for best instruction. Most of my summer students are struggling or average writers. Each summer, I also try to put together a multi-age group of highly motivated writers.  If your student has been in my classes before and I mentioned that your child would benefit from this type of group, please remind me and I will try to schedule your student accordingly.