Spring classes start next week! – correct schedule link

Hello Everyone,
We are all set for spring classes. A couple of reminders…
Students 4th grade and up should bring a laptop or iPad with keyboard. They need a gmail account, as well as knowing their login to the computer they are using, and passwords for google docs and their gmail account. The laptop should be fully charged or bring a power adapter.
Please do not ring the doorbell or knock on the door-just come in. Various Labrador retrievers will meet you at the door. They are big but friendly. If you are not comfortable with dogs, you can wait behind my orange car where there is an electric fence they don’t cross. Please leave shoes in the front room.
I have all writing materials for kids in grades 2 and 3.
Below you will see our schedule.
docs.google.com/document/d/1GuFc3nrJU1x24LukKQYQxZiUnLRVmlsXW2FH8SW0Wck/edit?usp=sharing Spring Schedule 2024 docs.google.com
For further information on my policies see What You Need To Know <www.writewithjanet.com/need-to-know>. To see earlier emails <www.writewithjanet.com/class-email-archives/> to registered students. <www.writewithjanet.com/need-to-know>