Children’s Writing Samples

“No, I think you were confused, and you passed out so you were probably imagining. It was tough last night and we know we’re going to get through this. Jason halted and put his sweaty hands on his knees. He thought about what happened last night, as he was still very intrigued at how the cop looked at him. The cop had something to do with it, I know he had something to do with it. Um probably just tripping out, Jason imagined.

Sahil 7th 2020 

Cock-a-doodle doo! The sun was shining, the sheep were bleating, and Lion, the dog, was licking Joe’s face. “Today’s finally the day the darn tootin’ milk won’t go everywhere, Grandpa.  Grandpa-time to teach me how to milk a gosh darn cow without getting the milk everywhere.” Lion chuffed happily in the background.

Tristan 4th  2020

Joe was traveling to China so he could pray at the White Horse Temple to be young again. Joe loved his life. He thought that life was an amazing thing, so he wanted to relive life. His life was filled with fun events. It was like a big adventure movie he was in where he lived a life so awesome he wanted to do it again. He thought that if he went to a sacred temple he could pray to God and go back to his 30s. 

Zev 4th 2020

Three minor gods will travel west
And find what has been lost.
The son of the sea god will decide
The fate of the major gods.
But in the end one will die
by his father’s wrath.
All will return
with glory and pride,
though some friends
will have been destroyed.
Three minor gods will travel west
And find what has been lost.
The son of the sea god will decide
The fate of the major gods.
But in the end one will die
by his father’s wrath.
All will return
with glory and pride,
though some friends
will have been destroyed.
Three minor gods will travel west
And find what has been lost.
The son of the sea god will decide
The fate of the major gods.
But in the end one will die
by his father’s wrath.
All will return
with glory and pride,
though some friends
will have been destroyed.

Oliver S. 3rd 2020

Juan pressed the ski option on the shoes and shot down the hill, gathering speed as he went faster and faster. The trees went past him at incredible speed.   Suddenly, a figure appeared in the middle of Juan’s path. Juan smashed into the creature and both he and the creature went flying, tumbling down the snowy hill.  Unsheathing his knife, Juan screamed, “I’ll get you this time!” Juan felt for the creature’s body.  “Man, this guy is awfully fluffy,” Juan thought. “This will make for an amazing coat!” Then, with a quick swipe of large, powerful claws, Juan was hurled onto the ground.  Juan began to run, “Or maybe he’s gonna make a coat out of meee!” Juan thought as he began to run.  Juan heard a roar and turned around to see a massive polar bear standing on its hind legs.

Nathan 6th 2020

Meanwhile…in Lucas’ room…Lucas woke up at the sound of crackling, he rolled over and thought, Cyrus burned the eggs. He was wide awake and felt energetic. He leapt out of bed and ran to the kitchen thinking, Now I know why Mum glared at him!
I shouted at Cyrus, “You burned the eggs!”
Cyrus argued, “Then you make the eggs!” 
“Oh come on,” I said. “Good thing that I know how to cook,” I mumbled under my breath. I put on my apron and got a new pan, but just then my parents came in and they gasped. “What?” 
“I am just cooking eggs,” I said. They thought this must be a dream.

Lucas H. 2nd 2020

As Alex went to the football field, he saw a student going to the bathroom. He quickly dove into the nearest closet. Alex looked around. He saw footballs, basketballs and shelves full of hula hoops. He then heard the sound of walking. He looked behind him. There was the gym teacher, looking for something. He hid, pretending to be a sack of basketballs. The coach, fooled by his disguise, picked him up by his legs and threw him on the hard concrete of the basketball court. 
Alex looked around. All he saw was stars and birds, orbiting around his 
head. When he finally came to his senses, he saw a hoop and a sack of basketballs coming toward his face. It hit his face. He then saw that his whole class was playing on the football field. He quickly ran to join them.
On the green football field, Alex tried to play football, but the teacher chirped “Alex is absent. You’re not Alex.” Alex walked away, cursing the late note that he made. “Hey Alex! Watch out for the math test tomorrow!” Elixabeth hollered. 

Auggie 3rd 2020

Justin trudged along the tile to their private movie theater. He walked down the dark purple carpet stairs. He jumped onto the third aisle. Not too close to the screen but not too far away. He always sits there. He flicked through the channels until he finally found one on the chest that belonged to George Washington. First, he saw the chest which had some spiral patterns out rusty metal which was laid on the wood. The screen then showed the list of all the items in the chest. Justin noticed the small hidden paper. Not knowing what it was, Justin grew curious. He tried searching it on his computer. No luck. He decided to go try to see it in person- just needing an excuse to get out of the house for a few days. He decided to tell his mom that he was going to go camping trip with his friends. At least, she thinks, Justin DOES have friends.

Arnauv 5th 2020

Wow am I in heaven? Look at that beautiful brown water, the fatberg. And the goldfish- they’re still alive!  The other rats come and sniff me, then they go to the other side of the sewer and start to whisper. Finally they come backOne of the rats says, “What’s your name?” 
“My name is Rex.” 
“Where do you come from?” asks another rat. 
“I am from a haunted house,” answers Rex.
“You’re welcome to stay here if you want,” says two rats at once. Jinx! Says one of the two rats. “Sorry my name is Henry and this other bud is Dumb.” 
The other rat looked like he really wanted to throw an insult but couldn’t say it. “The corner over there is open to take. “Thanks,”says Rex.  As Rex crawled to the corner a few rats started looking at him a bit suspiciously. As Rex was was thinking what other creation he should make, a fatberg (a congealed mass of fat and other non-decomposable items),was floating his way! The fatberg started sticking to a different fatberg as the now giant fatberg came to a halt. Rex used his forepaws and grabbed a huge, delicious piece of goop. He ate it and it was good. 

Ivan 4th 2020

Dividing Lines
(to read this poem, first read all the way through, ignoring the highlighting, then, read the first stanza, then just the blue highlighted words in the second stanzas)
Are So



Does The 
Dividing Line
 In our skin?
In our bias?
In our lies?
In our honesty?
Everywhere we go
We make
All that we do 
depends on
When we see 
The dividing line in 

Maureen, 7th 2020

“Have you been staring at me this whole time or are you just creepy?” Preston said.
“Ha! Ha! You must be the new kid.” the blonde girl said back. “My name is Amelia.”
Preston answered, “Is there any entertainment here?”
Amelia replied, “there is a movie theatre downtown”
“Want to do it together?”
Preston just met Amelia, but he thought she was pretty nice, so he said yes.
It was scorching hot. Preston was playing hot potato with the steering wheel. “The theatre is on Filch Ave., right?” asked Preston.
“No!” Amelia barked. “It’s on Mid Street. You just passed it!”
“Americans.” Preston muttered.

Oliver R. 5th 2020

A pickpocket by profession, Piper lived on thievery. Whether It was a dollar or two from someone’s wallet to get her something to eat at the McDonald’s nearby, or a ring that she slipped off someone’s finger and sold to Sam down the street for a tidy price. You couldn’t say that Piper was homeless, as she always had a place to sleep at night. Yet, she never really had a home. Sometimes she wished she was back at Madame Von Trapp’s Orphanage for girls. Yet, she didn’t regret the fact that she left. She remembered that night very clearly.

Maitreyi 7th 2020

Time For A Dog

It was a Saturday morning,

life was so boring,

‘til the commander of the household

called,“Time for a council!”

Time to get a dog.”

We stood straight up, 

and ran straight out,

dusting the leader behind.

We ran and ran and ran and ran,

I felt like I could fly.

We stopped and slid,

and scuffed our shoes,

and ran right to the line. 

The sign stood up, proudly high

Adopt a dog tonight. 

We looked around only to find

We still were last in line!

                              Savannah, grade 3 2022

Opposites-Diva and Flea

An Essay

By Yoav, grade 2, 2021

Diva the dog, travels out of her courtyard because she is changing from a scaredy cat to brave.   Flea is a “flaneur” because he goes anywhere.  But, he is afraid of the insides of buildings.  Diva gives Flea confidence.  In the story “Diva and Flea” by Mo Willems, Mo Willems uses opposites to show characters changing.  Mrs. Kim helped me to change, to become a better writer, just like Diva and Flea changed.

 At the beginning of the story, Diva is a chicken and Flea is brave, because he is a flaneur. They are opposites. Mo Willems uses opposites to show you that the characters change.  “As soon as Flea saw the small dog, he was captivated.  As soon as Diva saw the large cat, she yelped and ran away.”

In the middle of the story, Diva gets braver. Finally, Flea smiles a helpful smile and Diva takes a big step out of the courtyard she’d never been out of before. “…leaving behind the one place she had lived her whole entire life.”

Personal Narrative (Fictionalized)

By Theo 5th Grade 2023

I was lying around at nap time. I was about the age of three or four and I got this idea to sneak into the library to snag a good ol’ picture book to bash peoples heads with the book, or maybe, I could read to myself like any other person without the mind of a psycho. Well, both were genius. Ok ok, I was quite annoying and chaotic.

I sneakily crawled toward the library shelf that was looming over me menacingly, almost daring me to go in and grab as many books as I wanted. I was crawling lopsidedly… I was flying at least one thousand miles per hour, or that’s what it seemed like to me.

Wait, is that corner sharp? I thought as I was approaching at what I thought was light speed towards the corner of the wall Theo don’t go there I furiously thought but there was no stopping me then… mayday Mayday Mayday MAYDAY! Then it all went black..

Theo’s rewrite of above paragraphs:

Accelerate, I thought to myself. My self control replied with Aye aye sir, full steam ahead! In the background I heard pumping and a faint, this is all em’ can take, no, No, NO, This can’t be all ey’ can take! We got strict orders from the sir I’m sorry but they’re bound to fade soon, Who? I thought about speeding up by the second. Yer’ self control sir. Aw shucks I mean what’s a few faded brain cells? I mean sir…, the amount of brain cells you have…, It’s uh, Its what? I thought. It’s at a negative number I mean you are pretty dumb yknow  aww- shut up I don’t care. Sir, Sir, SIR, CAN YOU HEAR ME? BAM BAM BAM, Dammit they aren’t going away. I mean it’s not like they cared, well anyway at this god-like speed I must be running over the hundreds, thousands of pencil-shaving-soldiers, I thought Wait, is that corner sharp? I thought as I was approaching at what I thought was light speed towards the corner of the little room’s entrance, No.. it can’t be! My self control had evacuated my brain and made me go too fast! I mean it can’t entirely be MY fault I mean, ok yeah my fault but some of it was self control right?