Writing is…Out of the Mouths of Babes

Sometimes I go to my writing class thinking that I want to write a lot of stories, paragraphs, and chapters of my book. And other times I just want to sleep. Today I feel like sleeping.

I think writing is hard work for someone to only read once or twice and then put it back on the shelf. First you have to come up with an idea, then you have to write it down, of course you have to edit, then read it over again find the little mistakes and fix them, only to have it turned down by a publishing company.

Adults type more than handwrite, therefore schools should teach more typing..

A writer is someone WAITING to express his or her feelings to someone.

A writer is a bomb with ideas waiting to explode to family, friends or the world.

A writer is persistent.

Writing can be a hobby, job and much more, it is THEIR choice to write.

A writer is someone who writes for a living, and ENJOYS it.

A writer will never stop writing, 

A writer’s favorite subject has to be writing.

A writer writes, thinks and inspires people to read and write.

Writing teaches lessons to people-they tell people stories from their own personal experience.

Writers make people grow their intelligence.

Writing helps people expand their vocabulary.

Writing is worth it.