Consult With Janet

Does you student struggle in school?  Have you and the teacher met to discuss strategies?  Is the school recommending assessment?

Your student may have one of the following conditions:

  • Learning Differences
  • ADHD
  • ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavioral Disorders

Think of me as a guide on a nature hike-a journey of sorts. The process to identify and support kids, is embedded with many steps, meetings and decisions to make.  I am there to support you through this process as a Child Advocate.

How can I help?

I have a unique perspective as both a teacher, and a parent of kids with learning differences.

  • I am experienced at understanding and interpreting the data in testing results.
  • I can attend all relevant meetings, such as discussing assessment results, developing IEP and 504 plans and alternative placement decisions.
  • I can help you find workable solutions and implement strategies for your student, both behavioral and academic.
  • I can direct you to local, outside services who can provide services that the schools cannot.
  • I can work directly with your student in Language Arts, implementing strategies specific to their needs while learning to read, write and spell.

My Background

As a teacher in the public schools for 42 years, I worked to bring attention to any of my students who might need extra support in learning.  I would share my concern with parents, as well as working with our resource team to take a closer look.  

If the team and family decides to assess the student, I would participate in all meetings regarding possible IEP 504 educational plans.  As a teacher, I have experience implementing educational accommodations for students.

As a parent of two children, who struggled in school, one with ADHD and one dyslexic, I was able to see the process from the other side.  Besides getting services for my kids within their school district, I also utilized outside help, such as psychologists, occupational therapists and targeted reading and writing instruction, and am familiar with available services and how well they  work.